Find here 6 available datasets that can be loaded by ESPON HyperAtlas on clicking the name.
Name Last modified Description
Land Use 2010-12-07 Derived from Corine Land cover, ESPON 2013 DB data about the land use in 2000 in the NUTS 2006 delineation, includes Croatia and FYRM
ESPON 2007 2007-01-01 Basic indicators for the ESPON area in the NUTS 2003 delineation
Euromed 2010-12-07 The Euromed area covers the ESPON space with its Southern and Eastern Neighborhoods at State level (73 countries). This dataset provides demographic, economic and environmental data
Demography 2010-12-07 ESPON DB, DEMIFER and Map Update on Demography and Migration data about demography and migration on EU27+4 area. Lower level: NUTS2 (delination revision 2006)
Metroborder 2011-02-11 Cross-border polycentric metropolitan regions (Metroborder) project aims at identifying criteria, potentials and governance practices for the Upper Rhine Region.
Economy and Social Affairs 2010-12-07 ESPON DB and DEMIFER data on EU27+4 area. Lower level: NUTS2 (delination revision 2006)
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