Welcome to CityBench: the city comparison tool

CityBench Wizard: get started in 3 simple steps

Step 1:Select up to 4 cities

Select a city or cities by
  • Typing name(s) below;
  • Clicking on point location(s) on the map;
  • Clicking ‘random city’;

Hint:clear/deselect a city by clicking on a selected city!





Step 2: Select indicator(s), region and/or typology to compare on

Compare the cities selected in Step 1 based on 1 to 3 indicators:

with cities belonging to a particular region (TNC) and/or typology
(optional,applicable for similarity view):

  • AND
  • OR

Step 3:Compare cities or look for similar cities

View the comparison of with each other.

The results are displayed as graphs and charts.

View the similarity of the first city you selected () with all available cities or selected region/typology cities.

The results are displayed on a map and in a radial graph.