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 1.-AlbaniaNUTS0Agriculture and fisheriesField crop productionMore info
 2.-AlbaniaNUTS0Agriculture and fisheriesFish caught More info
 3.-AlbaniaNUTS0Agriculture and fisheriesLivestock productionMore info
 4.-AlbaniaNUTS0Agriculture and fisheriesNumber of livestockMore info
 5.-AlbaniaNUTS0Agriculture and fisheriesNumber, yield and production of fruit treesMore info
 6.-AlbaniaNUTS0Agriculture and fisheriesStructure of land More info
 7.-AlbaniaNUTS0Agriculture and fisheriesTypes of agriculture farmsMore info
 8.-AlbaniaNUTS0Economy, finance and tradeBasic data for all market producers of goods and services 2006 - 2010More info
 9.-AlbaniaNUTS0Economy, finance and tradeConstructions by their typeMore info
 10.-AlbaniaNUTS0Economy, finance and tradeMain macroeconomic indicatorsMore info
 11.-AlbaniaNUTS0Economy, finance and tradeTourism. Arrived-Departure of Albanian and Foreign citizens by year More info
 12.-AlbaniaNUTS0EducationChildren's enrolled in public kindergartensMore info
 13.-AlbaniaNUTS0EducationInternational comparison: Gross enrolment ratioMore info
 14.-AlbaniaNUTS0EducationPupils enrolled in public secondary educationMore info
 15.-AlbaniaNUTS0EducationPupils graduated in general and vocational schoolsMore info
 16.-AlbaniaNUTS0EducationPupils graduated on basic educationMore info
 17.-AlbaniaNUTS0EducationStudents enrolled on tertiary educationMore info
 18.-AlbaniaNUTS0Environment and EnergyCadastral data of forestry found and capacity of pastureMore info
 19.-AlbaniaNUTS0Environment and EnergyGeneral balance of energyMore info
 20.-AlbaniaNUTS0Environment and EnergyNational independence of energyMore info
 21.-AlbaniaNUTS0Environment and EnergyNetwork of protected areasMore info
 22.-AlbaniaNUTS0Health and SafetyCauses of Deaths By Group-DiseasesMore info
 23.-AlbaniaNUTS0Health and SafetyIncidence of infection diseasesMore info
 24.-AlbaniaNUTS0Labour MarketAverage monthly wage and salary per employee (Public and private sector)More info
 25.-AlbaniaNUTS0Labour MarketAverage monthly wage by occupation groups in public sectorMore info
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