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 1.-SerbiaNUTS0Economy, finance and tradeGross domestic product, total and per capitaMore info
 2.-SerbiaNUTS0Environment and EnergyMunicipal wasteMore info
 3.-SerbiaNUTS0Labour MarketRates of activity, employment, inactivity and unemploymentMore info
 4.-SerbiaNUTS0Transport and accessibilityRegistered vehiclesMore info
 5.-SerbiaNUTS0Transport and accessibilityTransport of passengers and goodsMore info
 6.-SerbiaNUTS1Agriculture and fisheriesCrop farming More info
 7.-SerbiaNUTS1Agriculture and fisheriesProduction of livestock productsMore info
 8.-SerbiaNUTS1Economy, finance and tradeAnnual indicators on business activities of enterprisesMore info
 9.-SerbiaNUTS1Economy, finance and tradeAnnual retail trade turnoverMore info
 10.-SerbiaNUTS1Economy, finance and tradeAnnual turnover in catering tradesMore info
 11.-SerbiaNUTS1Economy, finance and tradeAnnual turnover in wholesale tradeMore info
 12.-SerbiaNUTS1Economy, finance and tradePayments into fixed capital formation, by financing sourcesMore info
 13.-SerbiaNUTS1Economy, finance and tradeRealized and paid fixed capital formation, by activitiesMore info
 14.-SerbiaNUTS1Economy, finance and tradeRealized fixed capital formation, by technical structureMore info
 15.-SerbiaNUTS1Economy, finance and tradeTourists arrivals and overnight staysMore info
 16.-SerbiaNUTS1Environment and EnergyAbstracted drinking watersMore info
 17.-SerbiaNUTS1Environment and EnergyDistributed watersMore info
 18.-SerbiaNUTS1Environment and EnergyWastewater and treated wastewater from settlementsMore info
 19.-SerbiaNUTS1Population and living conditionsAdult and minor beneficiaries, until 2009More info
 20.-SerbiaNUTS1Population and living conditionsCinemasMore info
 21.-SerbiaNUTS1Population and living conditionsEnterprises which use computers and the Internet for the purpose of their business and enterprises which have their website, by regionsMore info
 22.-SerbiaNUTS1Population and living conditionsHouseholds having a computer, Internet connection or broadband Internet connection, by regionsMore info
 23.-SerbiaNUTS1Population and living conditionsLibrariesMore info
 24.-SerbiaNUTS1Population and living conditionsMuseumsMore info
 25.-SerbiaNUTS1Population and living conditionsPopulation, by large age groups and sexMore info
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