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Espon Database Portal
ESPON Database Portal supplies different users (researchers, policy makers and stakeholders at regional and local level) with data, indicators and tools that can be used for European territorial development and cohesion policy formulation, application and monitoring at different geographical levels.
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European Environment Agency
Users can find European environmental datasets, maps, charts and applications.
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Eurostat’s key role is to supply statistics to other DGs and supply the Commission and other European Institutions with data so they can define, implement and analyse Community policies.
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Insprire Geoportal
The INSPIRE geoportal provides the means to search for spatial data sets and spatial data services, and subject to access restrictions, to view spatial data sets from the EU Member States within the framework of the INSPIRE Directive.
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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OECD Library includes data and metadata for OECD countries and selected non-member economies.
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Users can search and download a variety of statistical sources of UN System: Commodity trade Statistics Database (COMTRADE), Census Knowledge Base, Demographic Yearbook System, UN Disability Database, Good practices database, InfoNation, Joint oil Data Initiative, Millennium Indicators Database, Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Online, National Accounts Main Aggregates Database, Vital Statistics, Social Indicators, and Gender Indicators.
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World Bank
Users can search and download a variety of statistical sources of World Bank System: World Development Indicators, International Debt Statistics, Actionable Governance Indicators, Africa Development Indicators, Africa’s Infrastructures African Cities Diagnostic, AidFlows, Arab World Education Performance Indicators, At a Glance Table, Bulletin Board on Statistical Capacity, Business Environment Snapshots, Climate Change Data, Country Profiles, East Asia and Pacific Economic Update, Education Tables, Enterprise Surveys, Global Bilateral Migration Database….
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