ESPON Data and Metadata Specifications


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This document is a specification of the data and metadata model to be applied by the ESPON Projects providing Key Indicators Datasets for the ESPON 2013 Database during the Phase 2.

Table of Contents

1. Abstract Metadata Model
1.1. Introduction to the Abstract Metadata Model
1.2. Abstract Metadata Model Structure
1.2.1. Overview of the Abstract Metadata Structure
1.2.2. Layout Conventions of the Abstract Metadata Model Elements Description
1.3. Dataset Information Element
1.3.1. Properties of the Dataset Information Element Name Property Project Property Abstract Property Resource Type Property Resource Locator Property Unique Resource Identifier Property Dataset Language Property Metadata Language Property Metadata Date Property Topic Category Property Keyword Property Temporal Reference Composite Property Temporal Extent Property Upload Date Property Creation Date Property Revision Date Property Lineage Property Conformity Composite Property Conformance Property Specification Property Specification Date Property Constraints Composite Property Use Constraint Property Access Condition Property Other Constraints Property Access Classification Property Responsible Party Property Metadata Contact Property Distributor Property Point of Contact Property Indicators Aggregation Property
1.3.2. Summary of the Dataset Information Element
1.4. Spatial Binding Element
1.4.1. Geographic Location Property
1.4.2. Nomenclature Property Nomenclature Name Property Nomenclature Version Property Nomenclature Level Property
1.4.3. Summary of the Spatial Binding Element
1.5. Indicator Identification Element
1.5.1. Two Levels of Indicators Representation Code Property Name Property Abstract Property
1.5.2. Indicator Aggregation Code Property of an Indicator Aggregation Element
1.5.3. Policy Property
1.5.4. Core Property
1.5.5. Methodology Property
1.5.6. Theme Property
1.5.7. Keyword Property
1.5.8. Temporal Extent Property
1.5.9. Indicator Value Nature property
1.5.10. Data Type property Type Identifier Property Description Property Numeric Data Types Unit of Measure Property Ranking property Min and Max Properties Text Data Types Unique Property Enumerated Data Types Ordered Property Enum Value Property Boolean Data Types Flagged Data Types Position Property Other Data Types
1.5.11. Summary of the Indicator Identification Element
1.6. Source Reference Element
1.6.1. Label Property
1.6.2. Publication Property Title Property URI Property Reference Property
1.6.3. Provider Property Name Property URI Property
1.6.4. Date Property
1.6.5. Copyright Property
1.6.6. Estimation Property
1.6.7. Quality Level Property
1.6.8. Access Rule Property
1.6.9. Methodology Property
1.6.10. Summary of the Source Reference Element
1.7. Shared Elements
1.7.1. Contact Element Individual Name Property Organization Name Property Position Property Role Property Phone Number Property Email Address Property Address Property Delivery Point Property City Property Administrative Area Property Postal Code Property Country Property Summary of the Contact element
1.7.2. Methodology Property Description Property Formula Property URI Property
1.7.3. Keyword Property Keyword Value Property Vocabulary Property
1.7.4. Temporal Extent Property
1.8. Summary of the ESPON Metadata Model
2. Metadata Model Implementation for the ISO-19115 Standard
2.1. Introduction
2.2. MD_Metadata Node
2.2.1. fileIdentifier Node
2.2.2. language Node
2.2.3. characterSet Node
2.2.4. hierarchyLevel Node
2.2.5. contact Node
2.2.6. dateStamp Node
2.2.7. identificationInfo Node
2.2.8. contentInfo Node
2.2.9. distributionInfo Node
2.2.10. linkage Node
2.2.11. dataQualityInfo Node report Node lineage Node
2.3. identificationInfo Node
2.3.1. citation Node title Node date Node identifier Node collectiveTitle Node
2.3.2. abstract Node
2.3.3. pointOfContact Node
2.3.4. descriptiveKeywords Node
2.3.5. resourceConstraints Node useConstraints and otherConstraints Nodes useLimitation and classification Nodes
2.3.6. language Node
2.3.7. topicCategory node
2.3.8. extent Node
2.4. contentInfo Node
2.4.1. indicatorsAggregation Node
2.4.2. indicatorIdentification Node code Node name Node abstract Node core Node theme Node keyword Node methodology Node temporalExtent Node Data Type property description Node integerData Node floatData Node textData Node enumData Node booleanData Node flaggedData Node otherData Node
2.4.3. sourceReference Node label Node provider Node publication Node date Node copyright Node accessRule Node estimation Node qualityLevel Node methodology Node
2.5. extent Node
2.5.1. geographicElement Node
2.5.2. temporalElement Node
3. Tabular Model Implementation
3.1. Introduction
3.2. Naming conventions
3.3. General Principles of Data and Metadata Layout
3.3.1. Labels and Values
3.3.2. Separating Metadata From Data
3.3.3. Empty Columns and Rows
3.3.4. Missing Values
3.4. Metadata Elements Layout
3.4.1. Dataset Information Element Contact Information
3.4.2. Spatial Binding Element
3.4.3. Indicator Identification Element
3.4.4. Source Reference Element
3.5. Data Layout
3.5.1. References to statistical units
3.5.2. Indicator values part
A. Metadata Property Values Constraints
B. List of Nomenclature Identifiers
C. List of ESPON Projects
D. ESPON Policies Classification
E. List of Themes Composing the ESPON Thematic Classification
F. INSPIRE Topic Categories
G. List of Literals Defining an Indicator Value Nature
H. Proposal of XLM Data Structure to Store ESPON Data
I. Main Changes

List of Figures

1.1. Relationship between the Data and the Metadata
1.2. Main elements of the metadata model
1.3. Dataset Information element structure
1.4. Spatial Binding element structure
1.5. Indicator Identification element structure
1.6. Source Reference element structure
1.7. Contact element structure
1.8. ESPON Metadata Model
2.1. Children nodes of the MD_Metadata node
2.2. Children nodes of the identificationInfo node
3.1. Single data sheet naming
3.2. Several data sheets naming
3.3. Recommended structure of the tabular document
3.4. Simple dataset with all the metadata put in one sheet
3.5. Invalid start layout of a sheet
3.6. Empty rows between elements and properties
3.7. Two parts of a data sheet
3.8. The links between the data and the metadata parts
3.9. Association between two statistical units
3.10. Indicator values and sources column
3.11. Example of a complete layout of a data sheet

List of Tables

1.1. Table template used to describe the Metadata model elements and properties
1.2. Dataset Information element description
1.3. Name property description
1.4. Project property description
1.5. Abstract property description
1.6. Resource type property description
1.7. Resource locator property description
1.8. Unique Resource Identifier property description
1.9. Dataset Language property description
1.10. Metadata Language property description
1.11. Metadata Date property description
1.12. Topic Category property description
1.13. Keyword property description
1.14. Temporal Reference property description
1.15. Temporal Extent property description
1.16. Upload date property description
1.17. Creation Date property description
1.18. Revision Date property description
1.19. Lineage property description
1.20. Conformity composite property description
1.21. Conformance property description
1.22. Specification property description
1.23. Specification Date property description
1.24. Constraints composite property description
1.25. Use Constraint property description
1.26. Access Condition property description
1.27. Other Constraints property description
1.28. Access Classification property description
1.29. Responsible Party property description
1.30. Metadata Contact property description
1.31. Distributor property description
1.32. Point of Contact property description
1.33. Indicators Aggregation property description
1.34. Spatial Binding element description
1.35. Geographic Location property description
1.36. Nomenclature property description
1.37. Nomenclature Name property description
1.38. Nomenclature Version property description
1.39. Nomenclature Level property description
1.40. Indicator Identification
1.41. Code property description
1.42. Name property description
1.43. Abstract property description
1.44. Code property description
1.45. Policy property description
1.46. Core property description
1.47. Methodology property description
1.48. Theme property description
1.49. Keyword property description
1.50. Temporal Extent property description
1.51. Indicator Value Nature property description
1.52. Data Type property description
1.53. Type Identifier property description
1.54. Description property description
1.55. Unit of Measure property description
1.56. Numerator Name property description
1.57. Denominator Name property description
1.58. Numerator Scale property description
1.59. Denominator Scale property description
1.60. Ranking property description
1.61. Min property description
1.62. Max property description
1.63. Unique property description
1.64. Ordered property description
1.65. Enum Value property description
1.66. Value Label property description
1.67. Value Description property description
1.68. Position property description
1.69. Source Reference element description
1.70. Label property description
1.71. Publication property description
1.72. Title property description
1.73. URI property description
1.74. Reference property description
1.75. Provider property description
1.76. Name property description
1.77. URI property description
1.78. Date property description
1.79. Copyright property description
1.80. Estimation property description
1.81. Quality Level property description
1.82. Access Rule property description
1.83. Methodology property description
1.84. Contact element description
1.85. Individual Name property description
1.86. Organization Name property description
1.87. Position property description
1.88. Role property description
1.89. Phone Number property description
1.90. Email Address property description
1.91. Address property description
1.92. Delivery Point property description
1.93. City property description
1.94. Administrative Area property description
1.95. Postal Code property description
1.96. Country property description
1.97. Methodology property description
1.98. Description property description
1.99. Formula property description
1.100. URI property description
1.101. Keyword property description
1.102. Keyword Value property description
1.103. Vocabulary property description
1.104. Temporal Extent property description
2.1. Table template describing the ISO 19115 XML implementation of the Abstract Metadata Model
2.2. MD_Metadata node description
2.3. fileIdentifier node description
2.4. language node description
2.5. characterSet node description
2.6. hierarchyLevel node description
2.7. contact node description
2.8. dateStamp node description
2.9. distributionInfo node description
2.10. linkage node description
2.11. dataQualityInfo node description
2.12. report node description
2.13. lineage node description
2.14. title node description
2.15. date node description
2.16. identifier node description
2.17. collectiveTitle node description
2.18. abstract node description
2.19. pointOfContact node description
2.20. gmd:descriptiveKeywords node description
2.21. gmd:useConstraints and gmd:otherConstraints nodes description
2.22. gmd:classification and gmd:useLimitation nodes description
2.23. gmd:language node description
2.24. gmd:topicCategory node description
2.25. esponMD:indicatorsAggregation node description
2.26. esponMD:indicatorIdentification node description
2.27. esponMD:code node description
2.28. esponMD:name node description
2.29. esponMD:abstract node description
2.30. esponMD:core node description
2.31. esponMD:theme node description
2.32. esponMD:keyword node description
2.33. methodology node description
2.34. temporalExtent node description
2.35. description node description
2.36. esponMD:integerData node description
2.37. esponMD:floatData node description
2.38. esponMD:textData node description
2.39. esponMD:enumData node description
2.40. esponMD:booleanData node description
2.41. esponMD:flaggedData node description
2.42. esponMD:otherData node description
2.43. esponMD:sourceReference node description
2.44. esponMD:label node description
2.45. esponMD:provider node description
2.46. esponMD:publication node description
2.47. date node description
2.48. copyright node description
2.49. esponMD:accessRule node description
2.50. estimation node description
2.51. qualityLevel node description
2.52. methodology node description
2.53. gmd:geographicElement node description
2.54. gmd:temporalElement node description
3.1. Horizontal layout of a metadata property
3.2. Horizontal layout of a metadata property with multiple values
3.3. Vertical layout of a metadata property
3.4. Metadata element tokens
3.5. Valid start layout of a sheet
3.6. Dataset Information element layout
3.7. Contact element layout
3.8. Spatial Binding element layout
3.9. Indicator Aggregation element layout
3.10. Indicator Identification element layout
3.11. Indicator Identification element layout for several indicator with shared properties
3.12. Layout of a Temporal Extent property covering one year
3.13. Layout of a Temporal Extent property for a time instance
3.14. Layout of the shared properties of the Data Type element
3.15. Numeric Data Types layout
3.16. Text Data Type layout
3.17. Enumerated Data Type layout
3.18. Boolean Data Type layout
3.19. Flagged Data Type layout
3.20. Other Data Type layout
3.21. Source Reference element layout
3.22. Statistical (spatial) units references in a data sheet
C.1. ESPON Projects
D.1. The ESPON Policies Classification
E.1. The ESPON Thematic Classification
F.1. INSPIRE Topic Category
G.1. Indicator Values Nature Types