Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents

1.1. Terminology
1.2. Data Formats
1.3. Common Rules
1.4. Structure of the Package

During the ESPON 2013 Database Phase 2 project (aka M4D - Multi Dimensional Database Design and Development), we are aiming to extend the support of different geographical objects in the database. To the existing library of NUTS units of all public official versions will be added the libraries covering the nomenclatures like WUTS (World Unified Territorial System), UMZ (Urban Morphological Zones), LUZ (Larger Urban Zones), FUA (Functional Urban Areas), LAU (Local Administrative Units) and, probably, some others.

Several datasets, already created during the first phase of ESPON Database project, use statistical units of these nomenclatures, but do not provide information about these units. Before the integration of such datasets, the database needs to know some details about the statistical units used, their hierarchy and relationship with other nomenclatures. This information, collected into the ESPON database, allows afterwards to integrate any number of new datasets using the dedicated statistical units library.

To build the library of statistical units, the automatic analyzer created for this purpose reads the data on a nomenclature of statistical units, checks for its validity and coherence and then puts the analyzed information into the ESPON database.

This document describes the structure of the package and the layout to use in order to prepare a new nomenclature (a new version of an existing nomenclature) for the integration into the ESPON Database. The schema shown in Figure 1.1 illustrates the main elements that compose the description of a nomenclature.

Figure 1.1. Main elements of a nomenclature description

Main elements of a nomenclature description

This schema proposes an overview of the main characteristics that compose a nomenclature description. It also shows links (derivation, equivalence) that may be specified between spatial units of different nomenclatures versions.