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Preparation of a Statistical Units Nomenclature for Integration into ESPON Database


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This document explains how to prepare a new nomenclature (or a new version of a supported nomenclature) for the integration into ESPON database.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Terminology
1.2. Data Formats
1.3. Common Rules
1.4. Structure of the Package
2. Nomenclature file
2.1. About Sheet
2.2. Version Sheet
2.2.1. version sheet layout example: NUTS 2006
2.2.2. version sheet layout example: UNEP 2006
2.3. Units Sheet
2.4. Names Sheet
2.5. Hierarchy Sheet
2.6. Changes Sheet
2.6.1. Typology of Statistical Units Evolution
2.6.2. Changes sheet table example
2.7. Equivalence Sheet
2.8. Derivations Sheet
2.9. study_area Sheet
3. Geometries File
A. Changes
B. Templates and Examples
C. References
D. About

List of Figures

1.1. Main elements of a nomenclature description

List of Tables

1.1. Package contents
2.1. nomenclature.xls file structure
2.2. about sheet layout
2.3. version sheet layout example
2.4. version sheet introducing NUTS 2006 nomenclature
2.5. version sheet introducing UNEP 2006 nomenclature
2.6. units sheet layout example
2.7. names sheet layout example
2.8. hierarchy sheet layout example
2.9. changes sheet layout example
2.10. Equivalence sheet layout example
2.11. Derivations sheet layout example
2.12. study_area sheet layout example
A.1. Update of Unit Codes for Croatia in NUTS 2010 Nomenclature