Chapter 2. Nomenclature file

Table of Contents

2.1. About Sheet
2.2. Version Sheet
2.2.1. version sheet layout example: NUTS 2006
2.2.2. version sheet layout example: UNEP 2006
2.3. Units Sheet
2.4. Names Sheet
2.5. Hierarchy Sheet
2.6. Changes Sheet
2.6.1. Typology of Statistical Units Evolution
2.6.2. Changes sheet table example
2.7. Equivalence Sheet
2.8. Derivations Sheet
2.9. study_area Sheet

The nomenclature.xls is the main file composing the description of a nomenclature. It details all the information needed to integrate the nomenclature into the Library.

This file must have a strict structure defined in the present section.

The entire spreadsheet must be divided into several sheets according to the following rule:

The spreadsheet of nomenclature.xls file can contain the following sheets:

Table 2.1. nomenclature.xls file structure

Sheet nameObligationDescription
aboutMandatoryContains general information about the package and its originator.
versionMandatoryContains general details on the nomenclature described.
unitsMandatoryIdentifies the statistical units composing the nomenclature.
namesMandatoryLists the names of the statistical units.
hierarchyMandatory for hierarchical nomenclatures. Meaningless for non-hierarchical ones.Establishes hierarchical relations between the units of the nomenclature.
changesMandatory for new versions of supported nomenclatures. Meaningless for new (original) nomenclatures. Lists the changes that characterize the described version of the nomenclature as compared with the previous one.
derivationsOptional for derived nomenclatures. Meaningless for original ones. Provides the information about the relationship between the units of a derived nomenclature and the ones of the original one.
equivalenceOptional Establishes relationship between the units of the described nomenclature and other supported nomenclatures.
study_areaOptional Establishes relationship between the units code and the country it belongs to. Aims at associating the units codes with a study area for the "where" filter of the ESPON Database Portal Search Query.

The names of the sheets are not case sensitive.

The following sections give detailed descriptions of the contents of these sheets.