2.1. About Sheet

The about sheet provides additional information about the originator of the nomenclature description and some details on its use. This sheet must have the layout as shown in Table 2.2 (examples of values are given in italics).

Table 2.2. about sheet layout

1contact_nameRonan Ysebaert
2email[email protected]
3package_versionv0 last updated 2017-05-31
4software_usedOpen Office v 5.3 and Quantum GIS 1.7
5geometries_copyrightProduced by ESPON Database Project. Free public distribution through ESPON DB Web Application.
7additional_info Please note that all the names of statistical units are now translated in esperanto (EO) and volapük (VO), the new official EU languages.

The expected cells in this sheet are detailed below:


MANDATORY. The person who created the files in the package or the person responsible for their creation.


MANDATORY. The email address of the person mentioned by the previous property.


MANDATORY. The version of the package (may be the date of the last update) describing the nomenclature.


MANDATORY. The names and the versions of the software used to create the nomenclature.xls and the geometries files.


OPTIONAL. Information on the copyright of the geometries in the package. It must detail the source of production of the geometries and the restrictions on their distribution, if they exist.


OPTIONAL. Information on the scale, the level of details, the sizes of the files for the geometries. The recommended scales to use are 1:3000000, 1:10000000, 1:20000000 and 1:60000000 (3M, 10M, 20M and 60M).


OPTIONAL. Any details that the originator of the package may consider as useful.


The data_format field has been removed since the revision 0.9 of these specifications. Please consult Appendix A for further information.