2.9. study_area Sheet

This sheet is optional. It has been integrated to these specifications for the particular case of the UMZ nomenclature. The "where" filter of the Search Query in the ESPON Database Portal allows the user to select a study area based on the names of the countries (example: "FR", "UK") or on a set of countries (example: EU 28). In the NUTS nomenclatures definitions, the unit code provides in its prefix the country code it belongs to (example: "FR123" is in France). For the UMZ nomenclature, the unit code is an integer: this study_area sheet aims at associating a country code for each unit code. Consequently, each unit code of the nomenclature can be associated to a study area.

This sheet must respect the layout shown in Table 2.12.

Table 2.12. study_area sheet layout example


Details on the columns are given below:



Contains the codes of statistical units.



Contains the codes of the countries.

Data constraints. Unit codes are identifiers of statistical units. They cannot be duplicated in this sheet. The country codes must be given with 2 characters.