TERRITORIAL MONITORING REPORT: Progress Towards the Territorial Agenda of the EU 2020


Purpose Territorial Monitoring


Aim of the report: to provide in-depth analysis of the evolution of main territorial trends in relation to the thematic objectives of the Territorial Agenda and the EU2020 Strategy.

Contents of the report: The State of territory report presents the key territorial developments in Europe in relation to the thematic objectives of the Territorial Agenda: Polycentric and balanced territorial development, integrated development in cities, rural and specific regions, integration of cross-border regions, global competitiveness based on strong local economies, improved territorial connectivity; managing ecological, landscape and cultural values. Thematic objectives are then put into perspective with the goals of the EU2020 Strategy.

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 FACT & FICURES. Outline of key European Territorial Dynamics

Purpose Fact-Ficures


Aim of the report: to synthesize the Territorial Issues in Europe today and to provide major trends in the last 10 year.

Contents of the report: Fact & Figures Leaflet syntheses territorial developments in Europe using key maps and figures for 5 themes, namely economic competitiveness, human capital, social inclusion, accessibility and environmental sustainability. The Facts & Figures illustrates key development trends found across Europe's wealth of regions, cities and territories to provide territorial evidence supporting the current spatial development debates.

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