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Paul Krugman's Blog

Paul Krugman is the recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics. Paul Krugman has at least three jobs: he is professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University, Centenary Professor at the London School of Economics, and, perhaps, his best-known job, as an op-ed columnist for The New York Times. In recognition of his influence The Washington Monthly called him "the most important political columnist in America."

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Greg Mankiw's Blog

Gregory Mankiw is Professor of Economics at Harvard University. As a student, he studied economics at Princeton University and MIT. As a teacher, he has taught macroeconomics, microeconomics, statistics, and principles of economics. He even spent one summer long ago as a sailing instructor on Long Beach Island.

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Aaron M. Renn is The Urbanophile, an opinion-leading urban affairs analyst, entrepreneur, speaker, and writer on a mission to help America’s cities thrive in the 21st century. In the Urbanophile he has created America’s premier destination for serious, in depth, non-partisan, and non-dogmatic analysis and discussion of the issues facing America’s cities and regions in the 21st century. 

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Felix Salmon's finance blog

Felix Salmon is the finance blogger at Reuters. Viewing everything with a skeptic’s eye, his posts often question the things that others accept at face value. He has been recognized numerous times for the quality and originality of his commentary, most recently by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. He first started blogging when he joined Bridge News in 1999 as Latin America Editor. Salmon grew up in London, studied History of Art and Philosophy at Glasgow University, and learned the difference between a bond and a loan during a stint at Euromoney magazine. He moved to New York in 1997 and lives there still.

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The Global Urbanist

The Global Urbanist was created in 2009 by alumni of urban policy and international development programmes at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and maintains relationships with several faculty members of the school.Online magazine reviewing urban development issues in cities around the world

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Polis is an inclusive blog about cities across the globe. The name is an adaptation of its meaning as city-state, representing a virtual gathering place where anyone can address an international community. We offer multimedia posts on diverse urban-related themes, encouraging submissions from experts and enthusiasts alike. Founded in 2009, Polis is a volunteer effort dedicated to facilitating dialogue and collaboration toward improving the quality of life in cities. We embrace theory and practice, observation and engagement, research and development, critique and creativity

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This Big City

This Big City is an award winning social media organisation sharing ideas and encouraging discussion about sustainable cities. We explore urban trends, ideas and analysis in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian and Hungarian here on and are active on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr sharing short-form content with over 125,000 followers and engaging in social media events like our #citytalk tweetchat.

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Regionomist is a blog I started about the role of space in economics. The idea is to write about issues in Europe and around the world about the interaction of agglomeration and development, transportation and business. Like why cities exist and develop or why some regions are richer than others. Or what impact transportation may have on development. How companies decide about where to locate a new plant and how business conditions may affect it. Sure, its mostly economics but we are interested in geography, transport, urban development or even architecture. So far partners include ELTE University and Central European University.

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This is a blog about spatial aspects of the economy such as cities, transportation, clusters, science parks or regional development and policy.

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New Geography

New Geography is a site devoted to analyzing and discussing the places where we live and work. We want to know not only what is happening, but also how you, your company and your community can best adapt to rapidly changing conditions. We welcome your writing, your thoughts on the site, and your insights on economic development, metropolitan demographics, and community leadership. 

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