This tool is aimed at providing synthetic representation of territorial trends by different regional typologies, analytically in linear time lines.

Typologies include e.g. urban-rural, Structural fund elegibility, EUROSTAT's Metropolitan Regions, Regional strategies and Regional Features.


Access to typologies maps

Urban rural Structural funds 2014-2020 European macroregions Regional strategies Scientific regions Metropolitan regions
Regions with geographic specificities: sparsely populated areas , mountain regions, island regions, coastal regions, outermost


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ESPON Online Mapping Tool: key ESPON indicators at regional level

The ESPON Online Mapping Tool is an interactive mapping tool where users can select, combine and overlay indicators from the ESPON database, choose the geography and display animations based on indicator time series when available. The Online Mapping Tool visualizes and analyzes data stored in the ESPON Database, in maps and diagrams. This tool fills the gap between disseminating data in tables by the ESPON Database and disseminating data in fixed maps by the ESPON Online Map Finder and ESPON projects.

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ESPON Database

ESPON Database Portal supplies researchers, policy makers and stakeholders at regional and local level with data and indicators that can be used for European territorial development and cohesion policy formulation, application and monitoring at different geographical levels.
The data included in the ESPON Database originated from ESPON projects, as well as European institutions such as EUROSTAT and EEA. The ESPON Database offers data and indicators with territorial resolution (LAU2, NUTS3, NUTS2, NUTS0) covering the entire European Union as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

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